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Dr. Shannon grew up in Dexter Avenue Baptist Church. He was baptized at twelve years of age by Dr. Martin Luther King, and as a teenager at Dexter he served as President of the “Crusaders.”


Dr. Shannon is a graduate of Booker T. Washington High School. After graduating from college, he and his wife relocated to Chicago, Illinois. After teaching in the Public School System, he worked in management for several large corporations. He served for years for the largest fair housing organization in the country, the “Leadership Council for Metropolitan Open Communities.” The Council was the organization that was started after Dr. King came to Chicago to lead a fair housing march.


Dr. Shannon has preached in many churches across America, including being honored to deliver a sermon at Dexter Ave. Baptist Church during their Annual Mr. Luther King Celebration. Moreover, he was invited by the Illinois House of Representatives to deliver the Invocation in January 2020 to the Illinois State General Assembly. Dr. Shannon continues to share his knowledge on race, reconciliation, fair housing and Christianity with the community through workshops, speaking engagements and in law school seminars.

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