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Mombassa Relief Effort

The Mombasa Relief Initiative (MRI) was conceived based on the collective vision of seven Americans and two Kenyans who wanted to find a uniform way to provide help and assistance to the children of Mombasa, Kenya. Beginning in 1993, these individuals started going to Kenya on vacation to buy art for sale in the U.S. These trips grew into a great love for the people and culture of Kenya. Eventually, in March 2001, they formed MRI, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. MRI’s mission is to serve the children of Mombasa, Kenya through three key initiatives: (1) Health (2) Education and (3) Economic Empowerment. 


These initiatives are addressed in several programs, one of which is our Feminine Products Program. Peoples Community Church supports MRI through annual fundraising events. We have also sent many of our members abroad to assist with expanding programs and donate funds, items and clothing that keep all children in school and increase teacher salaries.

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